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2006 BOSS HOSS BHC9 ZZ4 Sierra Truck | Accident lawyers info

BOSS HOSS BHC9 ZZ4 Sierra Truck (2006)
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BOSS HOSS BHC9 ZZ4 Sierra Truck (2006)

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Iler and Iler LLP

Motorcycle Accidents
San Diego, California Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If not fatal, a serious motorcycle accident can still result in a head injury, spinal trauma or other catastrophic injuries, such as amputation or paralysis. If you have been seriously injured in a bike crash or a loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident, a dedicated and experienced personal injury lawyer can help.

At Iler & Iler, LLP (formerly known as “The Bike Injury Lawyers of San Diego County”), we understand the built-in biases against motorcycle riders. Rest assured we will work hard to protect your rights and maximize your recovery. Contact our San Diego, California, motorcycle accident attorneys today to discuss your potential personal injury or wrongful death claim.

We handle the following types of motorcycle accident claims:

= Hit by car
= Cut off by car
= Hit with open car door
= Right of way violation issues
= Property damage claims

The nature of motorcycle accident cases is that the injuries are typically more severe than car accidents and often result in lifelong disabilities and residual pain. No matter the cause of the accident or the types of vehicles involved, we provide the same attentive service and skilled representation. In addition, we take no fee on property damage claims.

More so than many other personal injury firms, ours takes a very active role in the medical management of cases. We communicate with our clients to ensure that they are receiving the best medical care and treatment/therapy that is reasonable and consistent with their injuries.

People traveling on roads and highways are just not looking for smaller vehicles. As a result, we frequently handle cases in which a negligent driver has pulled out in front of a motorcycle or bicycle. Drivers look right through a motorcycle and it happens more often than you would think.

Please contact Iler & Iler, LLP to discuss your potential motorcycle accident injury case. We offer a FREE initial consultation.


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