Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mikuni VM29 Smoothbore Sales - In Stock - $689

From time to time, wiredgeorge Motorcycle Carburetors will have Mikuni VM29 carburetor assemblies in stock. We will generally auction these sets on eBay but are willing to sell the sets directly, if requested. If interested, please fill out a Customer Contact Form.
Why buy from us? Some sellers make claims that the carburetors in their auction are in fine shape and that they came from running bikes. While this MAY be true, experience tells us (we buy dozens of sets of carburetors each year via eBay auctions) that this isn't true in all cases. This is why we offer Our Guarantee which takes the worry about buying used parts out of the sale.
The next time you consider bidding on an auction where the seller ultrasonically cleans a set of VM29 smoothbore carburetors, consider that without FULL disassembly, the orings on the fuel rails, for instance, are not replaced. With this large a purchase, does it make sense to have gasoline dribbling?

When you add the labor involved in disassembling each set, cleaning the set ultrasonically and then by hand and then tuning each VM29 assembly, you can feel very confident that our sets are actually a bargain. We jet our sets for pods and aftermarket pipes. We use #122.5 main jets, #17.5 pilot jets and the jet needles 5DL31-3. If you require different jetting, that is included in the sales price.
(Your old carburetors of any type will work for a core exchange)